June 15, 2018, at 9 a.m. 

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2017 Summer Workshop

Eagle Marsh, Teaming up to Protect Our Water Quality

Northeast Indiana contains some of the most beautiful wetlands in North America. These areas are critical to the protection of our water quality in our rivers, streams, lakes and drinking water supplies. They are also critical to the numerous species of wildlife that depend on them.
Eagle Marsh is a 716-acre wetland nature preserve located southwest of Fort Wayne. Acquired in 2005 by the Little River Wetland Project (LRWP), Eagle Marsh has undergone one of the largest wetland restorations in Indiana.
Because Eagle Marsh is located on the watershed divide of the Mississippi River and Lake Erie, concern that Asian carp, a problematic fish that has already invaded a nearby river, could make its way to the Great Lakes during flood events became the focus of a new project along the marsh. Federal and state agencies also became concerned that a number of other invasive aquatic species might cross either way between the Mississippi River and Great Lakes watersheds in such a flood. To prevent this from occurring, the partnership expanded an existing berm that runs through Eagle Marsh and made other changes to the hydrology of the preserve.

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We learned the extraordinary visions for two uniquely different pieces of land. Each one with a dream to become a working farm, full of life and welcoming to all that would visit them.  These pioneers of the modern age, have taken one common theme permaculture and created two diverse locations in Monroe County. In addition we learned from one of the leaders in the permaculture world about where and how to begin a permaculture site of your own. In addition there was an Urban Agricultural speaker to assess the similarities and differences between these two terms.


Hoosier Chapter Professional Development Summer Meeting, Summer 2015

Water Quality Trading and Drainage Water Management

Speakers included Jessica Fox, Program Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI); Brian Brandt, Director, Agricultural Conservation Innovations Center, American Farmland Trust; Nathan Utt, Lead Engineer, Ecosystems Services Exchange; and Tara Wessler, District Support Specialist, Indiana State Department of Agriculture.

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Hoosier Chapter Summer 2014 Workshop and Tour

Conservation in the City  

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Hoosier Chapter Summer 2013 Workshop and Tour

Irrigation in a Conservation Cropping System

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Special thanks to our workshop co-sponsor: Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation District