Indiana Conservation Alliance (INCA)

The Indiana Conservation Alliance (INCA) is a group of approximately 30 organizations sharing a common interest in the protection, stewardship and sustainable use of our natural resources.

INCA’s 2013 State Legislative Priorities:

  1. $2 million/year for the Indiana Heritage Trust
  2. $2.5 million/year for the Bicentennial Nature Trust
  3. $1.3 million/year for Clean Water Indiana and Indiana Department of Agriculture, Division of Soil
  4. We support HB 1202/SB 546 which requires retailers/lawn care professionals to provide consumer education on the need to reduce the use of lawn fertilizers containing phosphorus to protect water quality.
  5. We oppose HB 1194 which would legalize the shooting of deer in fenced enclosures.
  6. We support passage of HB 1011 which would improve and expand public transit in central Indiana.

On September 30th, 2016 INCA is holding Indiana’s first Conservation Congress to discuss a shared conservation ethic and funding needed for conservation. To register or learn more about INCA click here:

See event agenda: Cons_Congress Agenda