The Hoosier Chapter reusable, grocery/multi-purpose bags are now for sale!

The bags are: 12.5”x 8.5’ x 13.5” inchs, 100 gsm strong polypropylene, double stitched handles with a “x” at the top. The handle has a plastic insert/stiffener to increase strength and a loop hang tag in center. The bag color is royal blue with white logo and print.

Susannah Hinds has kindly tested the reusable bag. As seen in the the below photo, the amount of grocerys which can fit into one reusable bag. Susannah commented when she submitted the annoucement and photos, “I could have fit more into it, but then would not have been able to move it from the car to the house. I also keep my knitting project in one and have heard other members planning to use them as Christmas gift bags. The options are limitless!”

If you would like to purchase a Hoosier Chapter reusable bag. Please contact Susannah Hinds or any other Council member (see Contact US). The bags will also be available for purchase at the Fall Meeting in November.