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Professional Committees

Chapter Development and Administration


Scott Wagner

  • Seeks potential sources of funding, e.g., grants and sponsorships for financing Chapter projects, activities, scholarships, and programs.

  • Seeks potential investment opportunities for Chapter monies.

  • Monitors Chapter administrative functions and makes recommendations for improvements.

  • Ensures a strategic planning function is carried out, including monitoring, reviewing, and revising as appropriate.

  • Prepares annual and long-range work plans for the Council/Chapter based on the objectives and goals of the strategic plan.

  • Ensures a nomination and election process is carried out for new Council directors annually, in accordance with Section 5.05 of these By-Laws.

  • Manages the Hoosier Chapter Endowment Fund and recommends to the Council those activities which will benefit the fund.

  • Monitors Chapter dues structure. meeting costs, and other income/expenditures and makes recommendations on changes to the Council as needed.

  • Works with the Administrative Secretary and other committee chairpersons to prepare a proposed budget for the Council's consideration and approval prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.

  • Ensures By-Laws are current and available to all members.

  • Manages the Hoosier Chapter Scholarship Fund and recommends to the Council those persons who should be granted scholarships by the Chapter in accordance with Section 9.02 of these By-Laws.

  • Develops and maintains Chapter officer and committee chairperson job descriptions.

  • Ensures training of new Chapter officers and committee chairpersons.

Legislation, Public Policy and Public Affairs


Emily Usher

Terry Bonbrake

  • Formulates processes for policy and resolutions development.

  • Develops strategies to increase visibility relative to soil and water and related resources policy issues.

  • Establishes and maintains relations with state and national legislative bodies.

  • Establishes alliances with other groups/ organizations as appropriate.

  • Plans for lobbying efforts.

  • Recommends to the Council the level of Chapter involvement in the development of position statements, lobbying efforts, etc. of other organizations.

  • Provides advice and counsel to the Chapter president in public appearances.

  • Provides advice and counsel to Council on level of Chapter involvement in legislative affairs.

  • Develops a process for member input into policy, position statements and legislative issues.

  • Provides leadership to public affairs activities and campaigns in conjunction with the Public Information and Education Committee.

Membership Growth and Involvement


Jill Reinhart

  • Promotes membership in the Chapter.

  • Recommends to the Council those members who merit advancement and are well qualified to serve as national and/or Chapter SWCS officers/committee members and with the concurrence of the Council, initiates the required procedures.

  • Ensures a newsletter is prepared and distributed to all members at least two times per car

  • Increases the Chapter's visibility with all relevant state and federal agencies, organizations, societies, and groups.

  • Researches and/or surveys the professional needs of members and presents findings to the Council

  • Develops and implements strategic actions to increase membership and member involvement through Chapter activities.

  • Makes recommendations to the Council and committees on methods to retain, strengthen, motivate, and involve Chapter members.

  • Recommends members, nonmembers and organizations to the Council for Chapter and Society awards.

  • Ensures a process for soliciting nominations of individuals and groups for national and Chapter awards is carried out.

  • Ensures proper recognition of Chapter award winners.

  • Ensures Chapter liaisons are appointed by the Council for established and potential Student Chapters.

  • Monitors Student Chapter activities and provides training, support and/or guidance to the Student Chapter liaison(s) as requested by the Council

  • Establishes and maintains an informal mentoring program for new Chapter members.

  • Assigns mentors to new members of the Chapter upon request.

  • Assigns mentors to student attendees at the Chapter annual meeting and follows up on success stories.

Professional Development


Leslie Fisher

  • Arranges for programs at all annual and special meetings of the Chapter.

  • Monitors existing meeting structure to ensure adequate training for members and nonmembers.

  • Makes recommendations on training and related activities for members in conjunction with the Membership Growth and Involvement Committee.

  • Provides and encourages certification opportunities, e.g., Certified Professional of Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), Certified Crop Advisor, etc.

  • Recommends potential training for members and program/workshop topics based on strategic plans and anticipated national, regional and state natural resources priorities and trends.

  • Ensures that the Chapter stays abreast of new technology, agency authorities, and other issues affecting natural resources conservation in Indiana

  • Advises the Council on potential Chapter involvement and activities in agricultural and urban conservation efforts.

Public Information and Education


Will Fett

  • Coordinates the educational and outreach activities of the Chapter.

  • Promotes and plans for joint educational efforts with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Indiana's T-by-2000 Program, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Indiana District Employee Association (IDEA), IDNR, Division of Soil Conservation, Cooperative Extension Service, and others as appropriate.

  • Makes recommendations to the Chapter Development and Administration Committee regarding the need for, and/or likely sources of, funding for educational activities.

  • Develops and/or carries out a marketing plan for the Chapter.

  • Establishes and maintains relat10ns with appropriate media.

  • Ensures adequate media coverage of Chapter activities.

  • Sponsors or co-sponsors conservation education programs for facilitators and those who train educators.

  • Promotes the sale of conservation education materials, including booklets and activity guides to Soil and Water Conservation Districts, conservation educators, and others.

  • Develops and implements public affairs activities and campaigns (exhibits, forums, letter writing, marketing, etc.) in conjunction with the Legislation, Public Policy, and Public Affairs Committee.

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